PSYC 1010 Lecture Notes - Peripheral Vision, Synesthesia, Retina

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4 Feb 2013
Mixing of the senses (experience sound as colour)
Very rare (1 in 500 000)
Experience it as a different modality
When he heard a higher tone, he produced a brown strip with a sweet and sour
Raises a basic question to researchers
Stimulus detection
Converting energy (light, sound waves, vibrations, chemicals) into neural impulses
(action potentials)
There is outside energy that comes in from environment
Select, organize, interpret sensory input (give meaning to)
Integrate detected information into comprehensive whole
Developed 150 years ago
Gustav Fechner (1860s)
Relation between physical stimuli and our perception of those stimuli
What is the weakest detectable stimulus for a given sense?
Dividing point between energy levels from detectable to non detectable
Perceptible- conscious experience
Threshold --> -----------------------
Imperceptible- no sensory response
The intensity level at which a person can detect a stimulus 50% of the time
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Absolute Threshold
What is the smallest difference between two stimuli that can be detected?
The minimum change in stimulation that senses can detect
Depends on magnitude of original stimulus
Just Noticeable Difference (JND)
The size of JND is a constant proportion (fraction) of the sixe of the initial stimulus.
Vision 1/60 (2%)
Smell 1/4 (25%)
Taste 1/3 (33%)
The smaller the "constant", the more sensitive we are to change in that modality
Weber's Law
The perceived intensity is NOT directly proportional to actual intensity (Fechner's Law)
Psychophysical Scaling
Larger and larger increases in stimulus intensity are required to produce perceptible
increments in the magnitude of sensation
Fechner's Law
Respond to changes in stimuli
Sensory adaptation: prolonged stimulation leads to decline in sensitivity
Sensory Systems
Chapter 4-Sensation and Perception
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Chapters 4-6 Page 1
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