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Lecture 9

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PSYC 1010
Jill Bee Rich

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PSYC 1010 Lecture 9 Variations in Consciousness (Chapter 5) EEG machines (electroencephalograph)  Place electrodes on the person to measure small electrical activity in the brain, etc.  Amplitude in Volts, Frequency is Hertz (Hz) Stages of Sleep  Before Stage 1 o Low voltage, high frequency beta waves  Drowsy o Alpha waves prominent  Stage 1 (5%) o Sleep is very light o Hypnagogic state – almost asleep but not quite  Sensation of falling  Stage 2 (50%) o Sleep spindles and mixed EEG activity  Slow wave sleep (Stages ¾) (14%) o Low frequency, high altitude (delta waves) o It is noted that stage 4 is the DEEPEST STAGE OF SLEEP  REM Sleep (25%) o Dreaming  The most INTENSE dream period “real dreams” – qualitatively different o Motor activity is practically eliminated – practically paralyzed o Difficult to awaken the person o Breathing becomes choppy and heart rate is irregular
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