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Lecture 15

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PSYC 1010
Jill Bee Rich

Lecture __ Nature/Nurture Controversy  Family studies  Twin studies – correlation in IQ scores between identical terms is compared to twin  Adoption Studies  Heredity sets the limit for IQ – environment sets where the person falls within said limits o Reaction range – the genetically determined limits on IQ o Spans 20-25 IQ points o Only really works at a theoretical level (Gentics/Environment  60/40)  Flynn Effect – IQ scores have been steadily increasing due to environment Psychological Disorders  Old times – assumed to be demons (trephening)  Asylums were put up o Just a place out of the way with no heat etc  1782 – Pinel o Medical Model  Proposes that abnormal behaviour should be viewed as a disease and treated as one  A behaviour in and of itself cannot be deemed abnormal, it needs to be in context  Trying to define abnormal behaviour: o Statistical frequency o Deviates from soci
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