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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Hypnosis and Drugs This note includes the prof's lecture slides, and has accompanying notes typed up beside it. It very neat and compact, has highlights, stars and arrows relating lecture slides to related notes given in class.

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York University
PSYC 1010
Vivienne Monty

Alcohol- Critical Thinking Tuesday, November 02, 2010 11:31 AM Whatdo drugs and alcohol have to do with consciousness? Psychoactive substances ○ drugs that change the way that you think,feel, and behavior. (Drugs that alter your consciousness). Hypnosis ○ also alters your consciousness. Causes most deaths than any other drug. Causes more deaths than all the illegal drugs combined. Alcohol is a depressant - 18-21 years (most drinking age) Binge:5 or more drinks in one sitting. Risks ○ Driving Intoxicated ○ Unsafe sex ○ Date rape ○ Academic Difficulties ○ Broken Relationships - 50-60% of murders are committed under the influence of alcohol… (Men who are predisposed to violence). Aggressive tendenciesbecome really dangerous - 60-70% of domestic violence occurs under the influence. Drugs(cont'd) Tuesday, November 02, 2010 11:33 AM In critical thinking section - lists health issues of chronic alcoholic. ○ Alcohol will destroy brain tissue.  Memory loss ○ Destroys liver Emotional Consequences ○ Depressed - physiologically ○ Drinking to overcome ○ Depressed because of overdrinking ○ CYCLE :O Alcohol as a self-medication - Those with low self-esteem or are feeling down -> drink alcohol to feel better. - Prolonged use -> physiological depression. Test (y/n) Do you drink more and more to get drunk or high Do you feel low after drinking Do you feel guilty now and then about drinking Do you eat irregularly or not at all after drinking etc... Marijuana ○ THC - Active ingredient. Stimulators ○ Hallucinogen -Slight hallucination  Heightened sensation ○ Equivalent of smoking 20 cigarettes ○ Legal for medical uses  AIDS, cancer, physical illnesses  Important for increase in appetite (prevent weight loss) ○ Effects not as lethal as alcohol ○ 10% who start become dependent Self-medication ○ used to fix depression ○ sleeping problems ○ emotional problems Ecstacy ○ Designerdrug (early 90's) Personality effects: ○ 'Rave' drug, 'love' drug ○ Aggressive ○ Sense of love and connection ○ Moody ○ Damage in brain Drugsand Drug Dependence Tuesday, November 02, 2010 11:34 AM Narcotics/Opiates ○ Medical use: for physical pain.  i.e.morphine Codeine in oxycontin used for pain (wisdom teeth pulled out, severe child birth, etc…) Prescribedmedicine. Highly addictive. All of the pain/troublesare gone - comfortable numbness. Severe withdrawal symptoms - physical dependence formed. Physical dependence vs. psychological dependence. Sedatives prescribedfor sleep Sedatives + alcohol = interact andcreate much highereffect -> couldresult in a coma  Multiplication ef
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