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What is Psychology Lecture 1

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PSYC 1010
Agnieszka Kopinska

What is Psychology? Sigmund Freud : - Psychiatrist - Works with clinical patient mostly female and their neurological problems Psychologist: - goes through training ( undergrad -> masters -> PHD) Psychiatrist : - goes to med school , psychoanalytic training, to psycho analyze theirselves - can prescribe medication - Gives medical assessments Both deal with psychotherapy and conducting research. B.F. Skinner: - experimental psychology - experiments with human today - in the past done in a lab with animals - today also done with cars and products ( how to designs, automotive industry , furniture so they work for us . Counselling/ clinical: -> diagnosing people  Talking to people Experimental History of Psychology Psyche( the greek goddess of soul) = life in sense of breath  Derived meaning included spirit, soul, ghost & ultimately self in the sense of conscious personality of psyche  Was a human, who was very beautiful. Daughter of a king and queen  Aphrodite ( was very jealous of psyche) and made Eros made psyche fall in love with the most ugliest man . but the god himself fell in love with her and carried her away to his secret palace and had a baby , Hedone ( the goddest of lust)  Soul&Love= Lust  Prescientific Psychology  Buddha traced the root of human, suffering to our constant wanting craving  Was also a mediator – huge part of psychological treatment  Buddha was the son of a king & when he was born it was made that he would become a ritual and his father wasn’t happy about it wanted him to become a king  Father thought isolating him from the world of aging, sickness, and death in his poor city  Buddha had a son & wife and they were isolated to. if someone because sick they would separate that person from Buddha until they became better.  The flowers were always beautiful where he was and never died  One day Buddha snuck out and saw an old man , sick , and dead man. And realized that that will happen to him  Abandoned his life as a prince, and went to meditate and fast sitting under a tree  He thought people how to live and happiness. Confucius:  Was the first personality analyst believed that people must be understood as best as possible  Found people jobs because not everyone had a job  “ get a job you love and you would not have to work a day in your life “ Ying & Yang :  The ying and yang symbolizes the duality in nature and all things in the Taoist philosophy  Duality: fraternal binary opposition ( the position that mental phenomena are in some respects, non-physical or that the mind and body are not identical ) seen ourself as distinct individuals Ex: heads & tails , birth & death, day and nights, black and white  Understanding material world & immaterial world Allen Walts : The Prickles & Goos: some people can be in between people of psychology are more on the prickly side. The world is neither ( want answers/ find reasons for everything)
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