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Lecture 6

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PSYC 1010
Gerry Goldberg

Learning CC – Classical Conditioning Fear and other emotional responses are stimulated by conditions. Even a single condition could alter our emotional response . Addiction comes from the way you do the drugs, the rituals the persons you do it with, and the places you do it. These rituals and places activate compensatory CR’s. REMEMBER CLASSICAL CONDITIONING EXPERIMENT FOR THE LEMONADE POWDER. HE RANG THE BELL 4 TIMES WHEN WE ATE THE POWDER BUT THE LAST TIME HE RANG IT AND WE DIDN’T EAT IT THIS IS BECAUSE OF CLASSICAK CODITIONI or maybe generaltization of stimulus Bf Skinner: people tend to repeat those responses that are followed by favorable consequences Reinforcement occurs when an event following a response increases an organism’s tendency to make that response Operant conditioning: BF Skinner Antecedent Behavior Consequence ABC Skinner box :dependent variable is response rate. (how often the behavior happens), it is measured using a slope. A rapid response rate produces a steep slope .Stimulus Control: Generalization Discrimination Schedules of reinforements Rewarding someone/something after multiple actions. For example, not rewarding child every time they do homework but rather at the end of the week reward them Ratio Schedules: (Faster
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