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Lecture 3

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PSYC 1010
Gerry Goldberg

Movie “The Psychologist and The Experiment” A problem all researchers face is coming to a false conclusion. All psychologists share the same common methods of researching. 1. Finding a hunch 2. Researching 3. They hold the environments constant while they manipulate the variables 4. They accurately carry out the research on behavior Ethological research is observing animals in the field. There is little control over such researches. A laboratory however provides a controlled environment. Two different researches: 1. Effects of fear on college women: 2. Perceptual development in kittens Studies show that people like to be together in general. Isolation leads to anxiety and fear. People want to be together when they are in fear. The subjects were given the choice to wait in a separate room each, or in a large room with everyone else. Summary of Research 1: 2 groups were to be tested in 2 different situations, 1 group was to be exposed to high fear, and the other group was to be exposed low fear, these 2 groups were chosen randomly to eliminate th
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