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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

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Features of Critical Thinking Skills: • Question what you are told or have been encouraged to believe. If it is false it will not stand up to scrutiny. If it has truth it will pass scrutiny. All knowledge begins with the practice of questioning. Questioning is how we come to know and defines the human species. Questioning is the basis of understanding – It is a natural thing for humans to do. Thus, be sceptical of what you hear or are told to believe is true. Being sceptical is not the same as being cynical. • Look for contradictions in the way things work in our society – If we are progressing then why are there still so many social problems? If alcohol and tobacco cause more deaths than marijuana then why are they legal? If we have continued economic growth why are more people poor? • Look for contradictions in logic - Examine the ways that people reason and look for weaknesses in their argument. A bias is not necessarily a weakness. Generally every argument has a bias to it. • Understand that social issues have more than one side. That is
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