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Lecture 16

Psych 1010 Lecture 16

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

February 9 2012 Psych 1010NatureNature controversy1 Family studies2 Twin studies the correlation in IQ scores between identical twins is compared to pairs of fraternal twins Identical twins have a genetic similarity of 100 but does not mean 100 same IQ3 Adoption studiesHeredity sets the limits on IQ and the environment determines whether a person can Reaction range the genetically determined limits on IQA persons reaction range limits them on how high their IQ is there is a graph on reaction range in the textbook Ranges can be as big as 20 IQGenetics accounts for about 60 of intelligence while environment accounts for 40Flynn Effect performance on IQ tests has steadily increased over generations suggesting the influence of the environmentChapter 14 Psychological DisordersDuring the Stone Age people would go under barbaric surgery They chipped away at the persons skull until a hole was made so that evil demons escapedTrephiningAsylums mental institutions1782 Frenchman said that people werent possessed but had sick minds He proposed the medical model Medical Model Abnormal behaviour should be viewed as a disease and should be treated as oneAfter this people were treated properly and were allowed to leave asylumsExamples of the difference between normal and abnormal behaviourA random fight breaking out In the middle of the mall is abnormal because of the circumstanceA random fight breaking out At a hockey game is normal because of the circumstance
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