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27 Mar 2012
Psych1010 March 22.2012
Stress Coping and Health
Chapter 13
Health Psychology; is concerned with the causes, treatment and prevention of illness.
Stress: a disruption in psychological and physiological functioning that occurs when an event is
perceived as a threat to our goals and when we cannot cope with the stressor. (both
psychologically/physically affected)
Major Types of Stress
1) Frustration-occurs when the pursuit of some goal is blocked
2)Conflict-approach-approach, avoidance-avoidance, approach-avoidance
3)Pressure-to perform, to conform (believed to have greatest impact on health)
4)Life Changes-any changes in our living circumstances that require re-adjustment. Whether
these changes are positive or negative.
Question: Is there a relationship between stress and subsequent illness?
Holmes and Rohe: social re-adjustment scale-helps identify people who are at high risk for
stress related problems. It contains a list of major life events that require change. Measured by
LCU (life change unit)
Daily Hassles: It seems as though frequent and minor hassles are better predictors of
immediate day to day emotional and physical health then major life events.
-major life events produce changes in health 1 or 2 years after the event
-personality causes how you interpret hassles
Question: Is there a relationship between "ways of reacting to stress" and the development of
"specific illnesses"?
-Psychosomatic Specificity Hypothesis: (review back to Psychosomatic Disorder and
Somatoform Disorder)
**Short answer Question contrast difference between somatoform disorder and psychosomatic
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