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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Lecture march 4thMarch0410243 PM Neurotic Disorders Feelings of distressAnxietyNote that whenever you are anxious it isnt necessarily due to a disorder Sometimes you gotta be anxious You better be a little anxious during the exam period If you are NOT then you are abnormal P Anxiety DisordersAre different from stress induced disorders Anxiety is not in proportion to the stressorStress induced disorders are specific to the environment at the time of experience this is not the case with anxiety disordersGeneralized Anxiety Disorders freefloating AnxietyThese people worry too much Even about the things that havent happened yetPhobiasAnxiety experienced in presence of a specific stimulusThe person realizes that they shouldnt feel anxious yet they cant controliSimple Phobias are simple phobias interestingeg Phobia of heightsSocial Phobias People feel anxious about being negatively evaluated by others eg public speakingcPanic Disorder and AgorophobiaThey feel severe physical reactions Sometimes cant breathAgorophobia refers to phobia of public placesIt was considered a phobia before but now is considered a panic disorder dObsessiveCompulsive Disorder OCDMade up of two components
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