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Lecture 1

PSYC 2030 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: David Buss, Environmental Determinism, Slut

Course Code
PSYC 2030
Ronald Sheese

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Jan 16th, 2014
Research methods
Psychology as a discipline
1. Lack of Unity in Psychology with respect to:
* Subject Matter - diverse topical areas of investigation
e.g. perception, development, personality, motivation, social behaviour
* Method - “methodological pluralism”
e.g. questionnaires- C.lay, g. flett
qualitative- d.rennie, a. shaul
observation – a. russon
experimentation- h.ono, a. mapp
“methodological pluralism”: multiple methods to investigate same phenomena
* Interpretation - “ theoretical ecumenism”, implications, comparison with
natural sciences and clinical medicine
theoretical ecumenism: multiple theories to explain same phenomena
-depends on theoretical orientation
-how we interpret our data is really important
David buss, Sex differences in mating strategies
Females went up to males and said come to my place (strangers)
males: 98% said yes
When males asked females
Females:0% said yes
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