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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 notes (PSYC 2120) Social Psychology - Ward struther 2013

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PSYC 2120
Gerry Goldberg

PSYC 2120 Social Psychology Lecture 3, September 26, 2013 Random Assignment vs Random Selection Strenght/Weaknesses of an Experiment Strengths - Can determine causal relationships Weaknesses - Procedures can affect our ability to generalize from lab to the real world - Mundane realism vs experimental realism Mundane realism – the extent to which the experiment looks like a real-life situation Experimental realism - the extent to which a researcher is to able t successful manipulate his or her independent variable The more mundane realism the less experimental realism, the more experimental realism the less mundane realism Ethics –some things are not done for experiments because of morality If a variable is not possible to manipulate, it would be a nonexperiment variable 3 effects Interaction effect- the effect of one of those variables depends on whether you’re a male or female Main effect – look at the main effect across the variables, comparing the results for each group Major Theoretical Perspectives - Learning theory S R (stimulus  Response) - Consistence/balance theory (humans desire balance and consistency In their life) o Cognitive Dissonance theory (Festingon)– more likely toc hange our cognition than our behavior (e.g, I know that texting while driving is bad, while still doing it) - Attribution theory: a family of theories that describes how people come up with the reasons why e
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