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Lecture 1

Learning- Detailed notes from lecture ONE and TWO!!

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PSYC 2210
Anthony Nield

LEARNING PSYCH 2210 Prof Dr Tony NieldLecture 1January 3 2012 Introduction Simple Ideas Simple Associations Chapter 1 and 2 classical conditioningIvan Pavlov interested in digestion with food on the tongue which then leads them to learningSERENDIPITYdiscover of something o If your doing something dont be fixed on a goal and ignore a potential better goal EXP OBSERVATIONEXPERIMENTAL HYPOTHESISmanipulate THEORYi think it happened things different outcomes becausewhich feeds back into the theroy Excitatory potential hull E H x D x KHis the number of rewards for behavior in pastD drives which pushes you to behaveA good theory needs to be testable can be wrong Lecture 2 January 10 2012 Innate Behavior Patterns Habituation Basic Principles of Classical Conditioning Chapters 3 and 4 Rats pigeons dogs squirrels are used in psychology experimentsWorking with anything in psychology humans or animals they need to be happy or else theyre troublesomeWhen animals are stressed they dont perform well in experiments Remind us that in general in psychology we try to treat our subjects well or else can mess up the researchers experiments
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