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York University
PSYC 2230
Pauline Charlton

Pain and Emotion -Pain is adaptive congenital insensitivity to pain leads to repeated injuries and death -extent of pain perception influenced by meaningful context -pain pathway activates the anterior cingulated cortex (ACC) many connections to limbic system (emotion) responsible for the emotional aspect of pain -May also involve the prefrontal cortex planned responses to painful stimulation Brain areas and emotion The limbic system The amygdala Fear and anger and aggression The Brain and Aggression Defensive aggression - defend yourself and fight back Predatory Aggression - You are the predator cool calm and collected Offensive Aggression - You try to attack something. People with brain injuries may have trouble controlling their anger and may become violent. seizures in amygdala increase aggression Tumors in hypothalamus increase aggression Hormones tend to influence offensive aggression Testosterone is a hormone to increase aggression Low serotonin associated with impulsive aggression particularly in prefrontal cortex Alcohol increases aggression in low serotonin individuals (early-onset alcoholics) Low serotonin and high testosterone interact to produce aggression appear to be a genetic basis for
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