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Lecture 1

Motivation-detailed lecture ONE notes!!!

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York University
PSYC 2230
Pauline Charlton

Motivation Lecture NotesLECTURE ONE Sept 9 2011IntroductionMotivation is a desire a driveIs an internal state or condition sometimes described as a need desire or want that serves to actuate or energize behavior and give it direction Components of MotivationArousal DirectionPersistence of behaviorEnergy Involuntary versus voluntary behaviorPotential energy is stored in the body in order to energize behaviorKinetic energy is released energy that powers behavior Analogy draw bow and target In order to motivate we need a lot of energyDeterminism versus free will Free will freely select your wants or motivesMotivation for a hunger strike to achieve potential goalDetermined will your wants or motives result from past historySources of MotivationEvolutionary History millions of years of naturalsexual selection shaped human naturePersonal history personal individual experiences since birthLaw of hedonic contrast degree of pleasances of a stimulusWhat is your pleasure What do you like Own pleasure SelfishnessPhysiological and neurological counterpart reductionism findings in one science related to principles in a more basic sciencePsychological variables psychological needs and personality traits
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