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Lecture 4

PSYC 3125 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Scottish Common Sense Realism, Rosalie Rayner, Little Albert Experiment

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PSYC 3125
Alexandra Rutherford

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Lecture 4
January 25th 2016
Test February 1st 2016
- 50 MC, 2 SA
- Only on chapters 1-4 (+ intro)
- No need to know exact dates, but know names, ideas, significance, contributions etc
- Look at videos posted on moodle (only responsible for those shown in class)
3 Ways psychology shifted:
- Consciousness is not private (we all experience the same things)
- Animal Psychology (Romanes)
- Psychology shifted towards a “Jamsian” and behaviourist psychology
John B. Watson (1878-1958)
- Known for conditioning Little Albert
- Wanted to study experimental psychology at U of Chicago (using an introspectionist
- Watson was not good at introspection, and was nervous around humans
- Watson was hired by James Baldwin at Johns Hopkins U to become the editor of the
“Psychological Review” and head of the department
- James Baldwin needed to leave the U because he was arrested
- Watson believed that animal psychology/comparative psychology was not taken that
seriously, so he used his position in the U to change that
- 1913 he gave a talk on his views to his dissatisfaction with introspectionist psychology
and how animal psychology is a good form of psychology, and he published it in the
“Psychology Review” and calls it “Psychology as The Behaviourist Views It” (Watson,
In “Psychology as The Behaviourist Views It” Watson said:
- Psychology has failed in its aspiration to be a natural science, nor has it yielded practical
- Introspection is unscientific and results in unreliable data
- Behaviour can be studied without appeal to consciousness (like Pavlov, Thorndike etc)
Behaviour itself can be a study
- Therefore…
oPsychology as the behaviourist views it is a purely objective experimental branch
of natural science
oThe theoretical goal of psychology is the prediction and control of behaviour
oIntrospection forms no essential part of its methods
oThe behaviourist recognizes no dividing line between man and brute; the
behaviour of man forms only a part of the behaviourists total scheme of
- After “Psychology as The Behaviourist Views”, Watson did the Little Albert experiment
- Married Mary Ickes, and after he got involved with a graduate student, so he is forced to
resign from Johns Hopkins U
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