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Abnormal Psychology lecture 1 note

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PSYC 3140
Michael Luther

AbnormalPsychology3140A Lecture1: Two bonus questions on the midterm from this lecture. Song: Johnny Clegg “Scatterlings” Basic message: We all came from Africa Topic: Biological Self - Evolutionary and ecological influences All the evidence shows that we originally came from Africa; DNA evidence - mDNA • (maternal and/or mitochondrial DNA) • Cerebellums keep our bodies balanced; makes everything automatic. • We have been through at least 8 million years of ancestry. Most recent were the homo sapiens/neanderthals. Theory of mind (perspective taking): We start of with a very small brain (400 cc - adult brain chimpanzee capacity); A. Africanus - 3 millions years ago similar to us. As the brain gets bigger, it gets smarter; Homo habilis (2 millions years) brain capacity - 800 cc). Homo sapiens - 1200 cc. We were smarter and more agile than the neanderthals, thus we exterminated them. • Ontogeny - our development in evolution mimics the development of a fetus. • Discoveries made using mDNA: R. Cann & A Wilson 1980s: • Tommy Douglas was Eugenics (the Hitleri
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