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Lecture 5

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PSYC 3140
Kendra Thomson

PSYC3140 Kendra Thomson October 17, 2013 Lecture 5 – Mood Disorders An Overview  Extreme highs and lows on spectrum of emotions o Low – depression disorders o High – manic and hypomania disorders  Unipolar – feeling low or high at different times  Bipolar – both in and out  Mixed episode – both at the same time Facts and Stats  Most depressed people are anxious but not all anxious people are depressed Changes to DSM-V  Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder – has to be developmental inappropriate and child’s mood has to be relatively irritable  Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder – can include anxiety, depressed mood, difficulty concentrating, changes in appetite and sleep o In order to be a disorder, have to cause significant impairment in life to get diagnosis Specifiers  Psychotic – less likely to respond to treatment, hallucinations can be auditory or visual  Postpartum – has to be within 4 weeks after childbirth, very common – 1/1000 women Major Depression  Major depressive episode o Most severe form of depression and more commonly diagnosed o More common to experience multiple episodes o Absence of mania o More common that someone in family also experienced episodes if you suffer from multiple episode o 85% likely that you will suffer from second episode and many more after first one o Have to single out mourning phases/going through loss Warning signs for depression in adults:  Somatic symptoms – feeling tired all the time  Substance abuse  Irritability  Eating and sleeping more or less  Feeling sad or empty most of the day almost every day  Reduced interest in activities that were once enjoyable  Significant unintentional weight loss/gain or change in appetite  Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide  Feeling worthless, hopeless or inappropriately guilty Warning signs for depression in children:  Persistent sadness and hopelessness  Withdrawal from friends and activities they once enjoyed  Physical
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