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Lecture 2

PSYC 3265 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Neuroblast, Putamen, Radiography

Course Code
PSYC 3265
Norman Park

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Lecture 2 (neural cognitive) PSYC3265
Atkinson-Shiffrin Model
External stimulus input (sensory input)
STM system
LTM system
Old assumptions:
Sequential stages of processing
Independent stages
Non-overlapping stages
New assumptions:
Parallel processing
Hierarchical and order based organization
oTyping a word, moving index fingers and getting ready to hit the next
letter to complete a word (as opposed to sequential processing)
Context effect (semantic priming, the tilted lines that could be interpreted as H in
house to A in cat.
Neurons – stem cells (germinal cells) develop into two cells:
Neuroblast: immature neurons
Spongioblast: immature glial cells (help glue the neuron together)
Divergence: neurons synapsing to other neurons (between 100-15000 other neurons)
Convergence: neurons receiving connection from other neurons.
There are inhibitory (decrease likelihood of an action by firing) and excitatory neurons.
Cortical Regions:
Frontal lobes
oMotor movement (pre-central gyrus)
oManages sequence of behavior
oProduces speech
oMemory retrieval
oSome emotions
Parietal lobes
oSomatosensory (anterior gyrus or post-central gyrus)
oSpatial information and our relationship to it
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