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Lecture 5

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PSYC 3350
Francois Lalonde

Lecture 5SelfPersonality Feb 2Exam Next Week25 hours Possibly 70 MC 6 Short AnswersNot interested in datesNamesbig namesnot specific names on experimental papers except for ones we have to read ie InglehartProposaldue Feb 16Brief paragraph describing topic or research questionReferences for 2 journal articles that are directly related to your research questionYou must submit a hard copy of your proposal during class on February 16 in order to receive 3 towards your final grade Do not email themFeedback will not be provided This proposal is meant to get you started on the right track If you do wish to discuss the proposal please visit the TA during office hoursSelf and PersonalityWho am I o Independent and interdependent selfconstrualSelf consistencySelfenhancementSelf awarenessImplicit theories of the self o SelfcontrolPersonalitySelfConceptHow we perceive ourselvesThe self concept implicated in o Directing what information we should attend to o The kinds of meaning that we draw from events o The kinds of relationships that we have o Our emotions and motivationsWho Am II am The kinds of statements listed are counted and analyzedPeople from some different cultures often provide different kinds of statementsStructure of the SelfMaSchoeneman 1995Comparison of American college students with various groups in Kenyatraditional including some tribal groups
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