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Lecture 9

PSYC 3430 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Role Theory, Agreeableness, Extraversion And Introversion

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PSYC 3430
Peter K Papadogiannis

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Leadership !
Most important for test, 50% of the test will be made up of this, then power !
leadership is dynamic - it involves the leader, followers, and the situation !
Leadership - an interpersonal, transactional, reciprocal process b/w one person and a group but
There is influence !
Can’t have ‘leaders’ without ‘followers’ = fellowship (it requires followers to do nothing for
leadership to fail) !
Criterion for eective leadership = goal achievement !
There is a task component, leaders help followers get to their goals !
***Do not need to know specific definitions of leadership just these points ^^^^ ***!
Leaderships Myths !
Leadership is power; FACT!
Leaders are born; Fact, but leaders can be “made” as well, if you are tall and male you are likely
to be presumed a leader!
All groups have leaders; FALSE, leaders are no always established, a leader is usually necessary
when the group is trying to achieve complex tasks!
People resist their leaders; FALSE, people resist leaders who are poor leaders, most groups
accept their leaders !
Leaders make or break their groups; leadership is influential !
The “romance of leadership” exaggerates the impact of a leader !
20-45% of outcomes in business is directly related to their leaders!
‘Great Man’ Theories - physical and psych traits !
Belief that people were born with these traits and only the great people possessed !
The DNA of leadership - high energy, aggressiveness, dominance, self-reliance !
Personal Factors of Leadership !
Extraversion and conscientiousness are the most influence personality traits from the BIG
FIVE - for emergence !
Less conscientiousness !
Must be an extravert and be able to use it properly !
agreeableness is not as influenctial for leadership emergence, but is for leadership
eectiveness !
Intelligence is important - followers want someone is more intelligent then them, but not TOO
Musket - the most important and predictable of the sub scales is perceiving/management of
emotions !
Leadership style - what a leader does !
Ohio State University - focused on actions/behaviours of leaders !
Asked people in businesses what do the leaders do day by day, and the leaders !
Leader Behaviours Description Questionnaire (LBDQ)!
Took 150 statements and broke them down into 9 dierent leadership factors !
And they were then broken down into two dierent styles; task & social !
Initiating structure (task) vs Consideration (social/emotional) !
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