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15 Dec 2014
No specific names, must recognize important studies
-essentially women have transitioned to the work face, more women are obtaining more
education, 6 in 10 people with college degrees are women
- the number of females in workplace are lower than males specifically in higher level
-the gap between males and females between degrees is decreasing while the gap
between higher level positions between them are increasing
-women, and ethnic minorities
-women advance much slower in scientific related careers
terminology: working women
-employed women
-non-employed women
-employment rates
employment doesn’t represent work because there are many women that are non-
employed and still do work such as house work
-wages seem to be accepted, that women will not earn wages
- “mommy was” criticism about women who work and who don’t work; It’s the tension
between the two
-199030% of married women with children were employed increased to 63%
reasons? Economic necessities and women advocating to join the work face
-women have tendency to enter public instituations rather than private sector because
the atmosphere is more supportive, more egalitarian however these positions are usually lower
paid examples:
general information about employed:
-immigrant women
women take more time off from their careers for parenting, brith and pregnancy
-women tend to follow on to the mommy track the assumption is that women give birth
to children, they are less commited to their careers compare to men, and therefore are not
expected to achieve as much or as high examples:
-choose employment over home-making = bias ; because they care less for the family
-career choice for males : individual preferences, increased responsibilities, prestige and
for females its always around families and its never linearly progressed
-the more women are with more traditional roles the less career aspirations
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