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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - Conflict and Violence.docx

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PSYC 3480
Noreen Stuckless

Lecture 9 1 November 29th, 2011 Additional Information (Eating Disorder) - Olympics o 1956: average height/weight – 5’4” and 124 lb o 1992: 5’1” and 92.18 lb  International average – 4’11” and 92.18 lb - Recent research based on 2279 girls aged 10-14 at 42 Ontario schools o 1/3 (31%) who had healthy weight thought they were too fat o 29% were dieting o 4% reported binge-eating o 1.5% practiced self-induced vomiting (purging) - Study with Finnish school children o Point to silhouettes that they most look like; and another one that they want to look like o Boys were pretty accurate o Most of the girls pointed at a silhouette bigger than they really were o Their ideal silhouette were smaller than they should be Signs of Bulimia - Bad breath - Harm teeth - Having power over themselves Social and Media Expectations Culture of Thinness Body Image Problems for Men - G.I. Joe Syndrome - Muscle Dysmorphia – desire to be muscular o Steroids (shrinks their penis and less sperm count) Depression Reasons for women going to see a doctor about depression - Cant go to work - Cant complete hobby now - Suicidal thoughts - Sex drive declines Reasons for gender differences in depression - Women go to the doctors more - Men are conditioned to not show depressed emotions - Societal expectations of men/women Stress - We need stress because it keeps our blood circulating - Stress motivates you Sources of stress Lecture 9 2 November 29th, 2011 - Lack of finances - Relationship - Illness Can be beneficial - Response is what counts (how do you deal with it) Possible Responses Adaptive - Time management - Exercise - Positive thoughts / self-talking - Time with friends Maladaptive - Substance abuse - Suicide - Avoidance/procrastination Issues Labelling Issues - Complex PTSD - Borderline personality = had severe problems and do a lot of acting out - Both have similar diagnostic symptoms Medication - Medication depends whether you are men or women - Women receive more prescription for psycotropic medications Treatment Therapy - CCRT = most of the problems people have are from conflicts whom they have relationship with - Most people go to therapy for depression / relational issues / abuse related Conflict and Violence - Most violence is male based (physical violence) - Bullying done in the workplace is done by women -
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