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Lecture 1

PSYC 3550 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Artificial Pancreas, Sweet Potato, Job Performance

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PSYC 3550
Jennifer Hunter

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Lecture 1- Introduction
Just Suppose
Just suppose you could walk on air or fly without being in an airplane, what problems might this
Running into birds
Air Traffic
The transportation system would lose money
Sunburn/Skin cancer
Eradicate Boarders
Safety Concerns
What is Creativity?
Improv is creative because it involves making an original scene/idea from a small cue,
and there could be many possibilities of end products and the thought processes that
brought them to that same end product
My definition: Creativity is when someone creates an end product from a smaller
idea/cue. There are many possibilities of what the end product could have been, and
many different thought process sequences that could have occurred for the individual to
have arrived at their end product
There is no clear definition of creativity, so it is difficult to have common parameters for
researchers to be able to compare their research to
Creativity Definitions: Functional (clear parameters) -> Structural (more inclusive)
Amabile- the quality of product or responses judged to be creative by appropriate
observers, and can also be regarded as the process by which something so judged is
produced (FUNCTIONAL)
Sulvia et al.- Comprised of 3 facets: uncommonness, remoteness, and cleverness
Rogers- the dynamic co-creation between the uniqueness of the individual, and the
materials, event, people, or circumstances in their life (STRUCTURAL)
Benefits of Creativity
Generating novel solutions/products may enhance job performance or general daily
o Artificial pancreas
o Orange-Fleshed sweet potato
Improve Well-Being
o Decreases negative mood
o Decrease Symptomatology
Society: Can result in new empirical findings, artistic movements, and solutions to social
o Medicare
o Robot that detects water pipe leaks (reduces water wastage)
Society: Can draw attention to important issues
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