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Public Policy and Administration Studies
PPAS 2110
Peter Constantinou

PPAS 2110 Lecture 2 January 15 2014 Yorku.ca/careers/internships * ^ 3190 & 3300 The land and the people - Citizens and those who have citizenship - ^ there are people who are part of a “club” (comes with obligations, benefits and rights) - For many people, it is an escape for opportunities, paradise, a refuge - Geography, diverse people, activities (hockey, outdoor sports) Developing a Canadian National identity - Branding, marketing, has to mean something - Regionalism (rich and poor) - All challenging issues - Mainly because many Canadians do not know their history very well, not really enforced - Non-charter groups (there are individuals specifically identified in the charter where you cannot discriminate {like gender}) Putting Canada in historical context - We often do not think about our own history Pre-Confederation history - Early settlement: aboriginals went from north to south because of food - Canada was a colony but now a confederation: British people took resources and “built” a country - American revolution: Americans fought for individualism, but Canada on the other hand, just brought everyone together The land and the people - We were getting immigrants all over Europe Internal State Building - Started to trade Growth of State
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