Canadian Constitution 1st lecture

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Public Policy and Administration Studies
PPAS 2200
Khashayar Hooshiyar

CLASS QUESTIONS Canada monarchy or republicoCanada is a monarchy Does Canada have a constitutionoCanadian constitution act of 1982 Up until 1982 Canada was dependant on BritainAfter 1982 Canada became dependant but why is it still a monarchy If were truly independentLaws cannot be added tin Canada unless the royalQueen gives her consentHow do we distinguish Canada from the United statesDIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE charter and constitutionoIn the constitution they added a few amending formulas and the charter into the constitutionExplain tell a storyDescribe looking at the reasonscauses not just the explanationDiscuss reflect on it bring in your own views Canadian ConstitutionCanada was born on July 1st 1867oAboriginals were the first inhabitants of CanadaoThe Vikings discovered Canada firstoCanada was still there before the day it was declared as CanadaoOne of the important things about modern nation statesoUnity between upper and lower Canada with the frenchoCanada was being recognized as othersCanadian constitution includes both written and unwritten elementsBNA act of 1867 and the act of 1982THE BNA ACT SET OUT THE BASIC TERMS OF FEDERALISM AND OUTLINEDTHE MACHINERY OF GOVERNMENT BASED ON THE BRITISH MODEL IT ISENABLED THE PROVINCES TO JOIN THE POLITICAL UNIONoSets out the foundations and the rules for the joining of other parts of Canada to this reunionoEurope went through 2 state buildingsForming a political structure setting the foundations of economic structuresTHE CANADA ACT AMENDING FORMULA AND THE CHARTER THE RLE OF THE COURTSoThe act transferred the law making power to canadian parliamentoAnd they did that by explaining certain ways of doing it which was called the amending formulaoSome of the rights and freedoms that were hidden in the bna act and maybe they were education or religious rights but the fact that the french ppl were more catholic and english were most prodestant they wanted to distinguish that
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