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Topic 1: Ideology & History

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

SOSC 1000: Topic #1 Ideology & History Office Hours: Mon 10:30 - 2:30 Tues 10:00 - 1:30 Wed 11:00- 3:00 Thurs: 1:00-3:30 1. Ways of Seeing • Dominant ideology • Historical materialism (karl marx) [ science of history] • 1960s behaviouralist revolution in western society • Daniel bell wrote a book • The end of ideology (no more mysteries out there, nothing else left to be de- veloped or researched) end of political development • Demographers estimate that in 1830 the world reached one billion people (1 century to double that --- 1930 great depression...45 years ….mid 1970s 4 billion people...year 2000 --- 6 billion people, sept 12th 2012 we have 7 billion , estimate 9 billion by 2050 ) • 61/100 asians in the world, 12/100 european, 14/100 western hemisphere (north and south), 13/100 african, 50/100 male, 50/100 women, 70/100 non white, 30/100 white, 6/100 have all wealth (all in us), 1/100 would have a college education, 1/100 would have a computer • Holmbergs mistake - western hemisphere prior to Columbus • 1990 USSR in crisis ( broke ) • 1991 soviet union collapsed • 92-95 NDP’s in Toronto • 95 - progressive conservative “common sense revolution” ---reach ideological discus- sion/governing is now common sense • Ideology never went away • Aristocracy: one person runs government ---all gurt - its gone bad • Monarchy: few people run government --- • Polity: many people run government (Aristotle's preferred type of gov) ---democracy --it goes bad • Sophists: trying to make the weaker case the strongest • Executive and legislative branches are fused ---parliamentary (canada) • Executive aren't members of legislative --presidential (us) • • MSCOOT •M: Mohawk •S: senneca •C: cayuga •O: onelda •O: Onandaga •T: Canada USA UK Legislative Parliament congress parliament Upper house Senate senate House of lords Q uestion#ConservatismLiberalismSocialism 1. Guide To BehaviorTradition Divinityouse House of commons House of represent- House of commons MoralityReason atives Self-Interest- Reason2. Nature of Human NatureFlawed •All institutions are full of ideology and full of values Uneq•CLASSIC IDEOLOGY: AscriptionPerfectible “Equal” continued… 2.AcqDefining Ideologytive AchievementPerfectible 3. The Left / Right Ideological Spectrum 4.EquThe Liberal Debatenit of AnalysisClan Family 5. Conservative Revival? 6.NatStrands of Socialismmunity Class4. Origin of SocietyNatural Organic 7. Increasing Complexity 8.HieMythistory, Columbus & The War Against Indians (McNeill, Zinn & Rasky) - Atomistic - Free choice/ limited purposeNatural Organic Tutorial •EgGroup One: Husky, pages 3-24d/Gradual If it Ain’t broke...Natural inevitableDesirable •Ethics and objectivity in social science Requires action6.
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