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Terry Conlin

May 14/2013  Ways of seeing:  Daniel Bell-sociologist-"The end of ideology" 1960  according to Bell the soviets were still prisoners of ideology unlike the Free World  soviets claimed they had science of history  behaviouralism developed in response to the soviets  1990-soviet union on the brink-democracy claimed final form of govnt  1995-ontario holds provincial election-common sense revolution was a major platform  despite claims ideology is all around every debate about same sex marriage..decriminalization of weed...etc.  typology:  Federal Unitary Parliamentary: Canada England Presidential: USA France  6 nations of iroquois developed federal/presidential way of govnt  Canada USA UK Legislative: Parliament Congress Parliament Upper House: Senate Senate House of Lords Lower House: House of Commons House of House of Commons Representatives  Defining Ideology:  Ideology: Terrence Ball's definition- ideology is a fairly coherent and comprehensive set of ideas that explains and evaluates social conditions helps people understand their place in society and provides a program for social and political action  Conservatism, socialism, liberalism....3 of the oldest forms of ideology  ideology justifies the exercise of power in society; it explains and passes judgements on historical events; identifies political right and political wrong; maps out the interconnections between politics and other spheres of human activity; attempts to make sense of the world and it provides us with a way of seeing and understanding; serves to provide consistency and coherence in a chaotic, confusing world; identifies most of our political views, assumptions...; it provides answers to 7 questions about political orientation  7 questions: Questions # Conservatism Liberalism Socialism 1. Guide to Tradition, divinity, Reason and self Reason Behaviour morality interest 2. Nature of Human beings are Human nature is By nature we are Human Behaviour flawed similar to perfectible; we are cooperative; our notion of original sin; equal in some position is a result not equal; society sense; by nature we of our abilities and should revolve are inquisitive and our needs; equal in around scripture
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