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Terry Conlin

A political ideology is a belief system that explains and justifies a preferred economic and governmental order for society, offers strategies for its maintenance or attainment and helps give meaning to public events, personalities and policies. While there are many different types of political Ideologies, they all originate from liberalism, conservatism and socialism. In this essay I will outline the origins, the content and the evolution of these three ideological prototypes. Reading Schuski, Marchak and Thompson one can draw the origins of Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism. The beginning of free market, scientific development and other big changes in early modern times in Europe led to new ideologies. One of the most significant one’s was Liberalism, which grew in th England in the 17 century. It developed on ideas of responsibilities of an individual and on the relationship btw the society and the individual. As liberalism was the dominant ideology during the French revolution, Conservatism arose as a counter ideology during that time. The main oppose to Liberalism was that it ruins tradition. In 19 century, as Europe became industrialized and as working class was created, Socialism was created. The content of each ideology was explained by Professor Conlin. In liberalism the individual is the most important unit of human society and he is guided by reason and self-interest. People are morally equal and can make choices by themselves and improve their lives. For liberals, change is natural and expected. As for the role of government, it should promote equality of right and opportunity within the society. The government should be limited, stay out of the economy and it’s highest value should be liberty. Con
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