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York University
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SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

May 30/13  Marilyn Waring VS Economix Orthodoxy:  feminist economist  1975 youngest person to be elected to new zealands parliament.....Marilyn  1984 primarily responsible for the defeat of her own gov't  "Counting for Nothing or if Woman Counted"...demonstrates the utility of integrating understanding of social phenomena  1. unpaid labourers 2. gdp poses a real threat to the environment...focus of Marilyn's analysis of economics...those were her two major problems  UN systems of national accts is the focus of her attack later on  Keynes is responsible for UN systems of national accts  Who's Counting film:  GDP is completely unrelated to can say there is growth but to look around we can see things getting worse i.e. in our school systems, homelessness....  if you are not a "producer" in society you are invisible....if you are invisible and not making an hourly wage you are now a problem part of the welfare state  UN systems of..... created by Keynes and a colleague and it was based on the economic needs of England
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