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Lecture 15

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

7. Environment & Indigenous Peoples 1. James Bay: The Wind That Keeps On Blowing 2. Now That The Buffalo’s Gone: The Creation of Dependency 3. Innis & Staples: Nature & Megaprojects 4. James Bay to Voisey’s Bay 5. Sustainable Development: Gro Harlem Brundtland & The World Commission on Environment and Development (Our Common Future) 6. Environmentalism: Light Green Reformisn & Dark Green Ecologism “Literally thousands of native cultures around the world have been destroyed by economic development.” – Paul Hawken 2004 – Nunatsiavut Agreement 2008 – Tshash Petapen (New Dawn) Agreement 2010 – NFLD/NS Lower Churchill Agreement 2011 – New Dawn Ratified Innu/Inuit Leakages/linkages Buffy Sainte-Marie 1975 – James Bay/ Northern Quebec Agreement • Student mom: who worked outside the home cheated 2x more • Within the family, the women performed the caregiver role • The cult of Domesticity: the traditional view of the family • The caregiver role itself consists of 4 parts: o Housework: She does the housework, maintains the home, prepares the food, laundry, etc. o Motherhood: The care and nurturing of children, socialization, o Wife work: providing for the psychological and sexual needs of the husband o Daughter work: The care of elderly parents • Caregivers are vulnerable if anything happens to their spouse, they are dependent on their spouse • A woman’s place is in the home, the caregiver is the glue that bonds the family together, and the family is the fundamental unit of society • 1960s: The second wave of feminism. High rates of poverty. Women are beginning to re- enter the workforce. Childcare was demanded. • 1970s: The Royal Commission on the status of women. It was concerned with high levels of poverty among women, equities in the workplace, unavailability of child care. “Pay Equity” was coined. Affirmative action was being discussed. • 1 in 5 women lived in poverty. Fo
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