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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 and 11- June 5th and 10th, 2014- Work & Class.docx

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Social Science
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Terry Conlin

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Lecture 10 June 5th 2014 WorkClass1What is work2Alienation and ClassClassClass is a contested concept in social science It is a concept used widely in popular culture Rarely defined Working class or middle class ordinary canadiansall societies are stratified by order states classClass becomes a widely used concept of society with the coming of the industrial revolution Karl Marx and Fredrick Engles wrotethe history of all hither to existing societies is the history of class struggles Two great classes bourgeois and proletariat Increasing reluctance to the term social class Reform or contemporary liberal ideology It is still the individual that is front and centre In north american university class become subjective Everyone in north america is middle classAfter Keynes period the concept of class is more objective your relationship to the means of objection If you made ur living by selling your labour for a wage you re proletariat and if u bought people labour you were bourgeois two great classes of modernity is employer and employee Terry Conlin Concept of ClassClass is a social group that share a common set of characteristic or experience based on their location and their role in the economy These characteristics shapes and limits the kind of power individuals members of that class as well as class of the whole have access to These kind of power economic power the shape of the
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