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Lecture Two- May 8th, 2014.docx

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

May 8th 2014 Lecture TwoMost of what we talk about in this course is in the newspaper on a daily basis Essay must contain thesis no other sources proofread paper properly spell Lose properly 20002500 words It is due Thursday June 6th BEFORE lecture Must have a title page 1 lost for everything that is not on the title page Must attach academic integrity form to the BACK of your essay Introduction1University 101 Learning Skills Services in Bennett Center but work shop in SMIL in Scott Workshops are designed for first year students Writing department third floor south in Ross Get a tutor or group workshops Career Centre Second Floor of McLaughlin College 2World PopulationThe Global VillageVIDEO 10 Minutes World Population4 of earth grows cropsLimited resourcesConcentration population on Map by dotsFrom 0 AD 2
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