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Definitions1Honour is a state or condition of being disciplined self controlled trustworthy and having integrity All these moral characteristics that a person may prove to have are acquired through ones actions in life situations Honour is not only restricted to a single person it can expand from one human being to his entire family tribe or even village It is considered the social worth of a family Honour must be obtained and maintained through respect of the community It is very valued in a traditional communitysocietyIt varies with gender an honourable man for example is expected to treat females with respect and provide protection and does his job honestly teach his children good manners On the other hand women have different expectations like taking care of her household providing for her home acting appropriately in public Honour being a very sex linked characteristic has a lot to do with shame and public appearance Harming a familys honour may result in the killing of the member in order to restore their honour The constant threat to lose honour amongst a society leads people to always be reserved and to maintain a reputable image 2Moral Economy is an economy where justice prevails one where equality is achieved for all community members An economy where every household let alone every member is not only a consumer but a productive element in the society It is an economy based on the good of the crowd and not the individual An economy controlled by the community to benefit the citizens Also in a more classical conservative society favours charitable organizations ones that do not engage in frowned upon activities And in a modern sense an economy that finds balance between economic freedom and ones social needs The government has a moral obligation to look after those at the bottom Several parties in traditional societies constitute the moral economy of the poor Ex food thriots in the 18 century in England took place due to hunger soaring prices and malpractices among dealers Lack of enforcement of moral economy by the governmentthose in power3New International Division of Labour in terms of economics it is the act where the labour and materials required for the makingproduction of a product is transferred to places where the labour and assembly required is cheaper It is a product of technological advancements which made it easier to achieve their goals such as outsourcing of labour etc There are a few significant developments that helped achieve such goals The first one is easier and more robust transportation on a global level making shipping to and from countries like China much simpler The second helping factor is the efficient and advanced
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