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2012-01-26.Globalisation and International Migration.doc

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Social Science
SOSC 1130
Alina Marquez

2012-01-26 Globalization and International Migration • Development of international system has created greater inequalities between regions and within regions • Impact on international movements of population What is Globalization? • Refers to a process towards a worldwide integrated system • Power is left out of globalization definitions, do not address power relations, talk about common interests • The integration of globally dispersed economic activities into a highly integrated world economic system under the hegemony of transnational capital • Both production and distribution are organized globally • System is led by and in response to needs of transnational capital • Transnational economic institutions are central to the system • Transnational economic institutions came to being after WWII • Two principles of new world order o Multilateralism  Cooperation  Work together to achieve greater efficiency  All countries should open border to trade o Conservative Macro-Economic Policies (Fiscal Restraint)  Do not spend  Policy to eliminate deficit  Less subsidies, health care  Focus on cutting deficit, but really cutting social programs  Subsidies to business continue • Old division of labour that was in place with colonialism gave way to globalization way of labour • Global Division of Labour o Geographical expansion and decentralization of production  Industry is no longer concentrated in Europe and U.S.  Emergence of global assembly factories, products come from all over the world, individual parts come from all over the world
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