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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1130
Alina Marquez

Global Transformation NeoliberalismContemporary Policy DirectionsIntroduction Globalization Working definition o Elitesglobalization means business opportunities for the corporate world Neoliberal approach to globalization Focuses on markets and profits o Grassroots forcesglobalization means business opportunities for the global solidarity Grassroots globalization or glob from belowCitizens to organize and challenge the present situation Focus more on people and their well being and less on markets and profitsGlobalization has possibilities to connect us in one big village and also has a side that is not very brightGlobalization has uneven effectso There are winners as well as losers o The global world system has created greater inequalities between and within regionso Includes economic social and political dimensions o Has different consequences globally some win and most loseNotation of power is left out in the definition of globalization o Power relations become invisible when people talk about globalization o Power needs to be addressedDefinition the integration of globally dispersed economic activities into a highly integrated world economic system under the hegemony if transnational capitalTransnational Capital TNC o Production is geographically dispersed but organized globallyo Assembly lines are global Inputs from different countries Managementcentralized under TNCsDetermine location production labour costs political conditions o Corporate power is at the very core of the system o Integrate various sectors of the market with products and services Ex Presidents Choice Loblaws products banking o Investment depends on prime conditionsEconomic activity is not evenly distributed Manipulate to make greater benefits Tend to investment in places where return is guaranteed o Greater inequality between north and south Wealth and poverty in all regions
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