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Kean Birch

Summary of: The Corporation – Chapter Four By: Joel Bakan Mohammad Bilal Siddiqui Introduction to Business & Society TA: Preity Kumar Professor: Kean Birch February 15 2013 The following chapter is titled “Democracy Ltd.”. He starts off talking about the hunger the corporations had in order to achieve power and dominance and so they did as they rose. Bakan talks about new laws created (New Deal) that prevented the corporation from achieving such power. The “New Deal” created by Franklin D. Roosevelt held exploitation from increasing and benefited society’s relationship with corporations. It was designed to "save capitalism from itself" (Bakan, 2004). The corporation however retaliated with some rules of their own as Bakan mentions through out the chapter. Business leaders were not very impressed, and, says Bakan, “looked to Fascism in Italy and Germany in the early 1930s” (Bakan, 2004). He mentions executives decided to prepare a funding proces
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