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Finishing Employment (Post Snow Storm) and Starting Poverty Lecture Outline.doc

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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS The exam schedule has been released! The 1350 final exam will be held Wednesday, April 16, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm in TC Rexall. (See for your other exams.) One-day Tutorial Merge and Location Change Tutorial 10 (Healy Thompson) and Tutorial 12 (Prof. Dowsett), will be moved to Ross South 752 Friday, March 21st ONLY. Healy will be teaching this tutorial. March 26th Lecture (Finishing Poverty and Reproductive Rights Part 1) I will be pre-recording the lecture segment of class. It is important that you watch the 2-hour lecture online before lecture on the 26th (it will be posted to Moodle tomorrow). In lecture, the 45- minute film The Sterilization of Leilani Muir will be shown by TAs Aliya Amarshi and Shubha Sandill. Please note that all material related to Reproductive Rights Part 1 (including the film) are “fairgame” for the final exam. (FINISHING) PAID AND UNPAID LABOUR Women constitute 1/2 of the world’s population, perform nearly 2/3 of its work hours, receive 1/10 of the world's income and still own less than 1% of the world's property. —United Nations 4. Pay Equity in Canada: A Brief History c. R. v. Howard (1970) i. Female nurses aids and male hospital orderlies who argued that although they had different job titles and small differences in their duties, they were essentially doing the same job and the nurses aids were paid significantly less. d. Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) case and the principle of “comparable worth” i. Equal pay for work of equal value changed to comparable worth e. contemporary pay equity legislation is proactive (rather than complaint-based), however, it has many limitations i. in every province except Ontario it only concerns public sector workers and doesn’t apply to the private sector. ii. It has limited effectiveness because it creates a fictional universe where the only reason people are discriminated against is based on gender and there is no acknowledgment that people are discriminated against based on sexuality, race etc Questions for Further Consideration: Consider all of women’s labour, both paid and unpaid. What is Marilyn Waring suggesting about the societal value given to the labour of Cathy and Ben (from the film clip)? Given this situation, how effective can the law be in improving women’s working conditions and pay? The more likely a job is associated with women, the less likely it is to be paid well. SEXUAL AND RACIAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE 1. Defining Sexual Harassment and Racial Harassment a. two forms of sexual harassment i. quid pro quo 1. a latin term that translates as something for something. 2. When a person in a position of authority demands some sort of sexual activity from a position below them for example a professor demanding a sexual act from a student for better grades etc 3. How most people tend to think of sexual harassment however this is not the most common. ii. hostile (work) environment 1. include anything from jokes to sexual advances, unwanted sexual attention, touching etc 2. the most common form is put-downs or negative comments about one’s gender, gender identity or gender expression 3. can include unwelcome behaviour that is sexual in nature such as unwanted remarks or sexual jokes. b. most forms of sexual harassment are “hostile environment” c. sexual harassment as an expression of sexism that reflects and reinforces the unequal power that exists between men and women in Canadian society d. all forms of racial harassment are “hostile environment” e. racial harassment as an expression of racism that reflects and reinforces the unequal power that exists between white and racialized people in Canadian society i. involves words, deeds, actions that are specifically designed to make a person feel degraded because of their race f. important of thinking through how sexual and racial harassment often work together for women of colour (Bannerji reading) i. the subject of sexual harassment within feminist thought and Canadian law and she says that the subject of sexual harassment is a white woman and the way we think about it is the perspective of white privileged women and we need to think about how other forms of oppression can work together in terms of sexual harassment ii. intersectionality thinking through the various form of oppression and how and where they intersect g. importance of thinking through other forms of oppression vis-à-vis harassment i. many black and aboriginal women say race shapes the forms of harassment they receive, queer women say homophobia is central to the harassment they receive in the workplace therefore by only seeing white women as the norm who get sexually harassed then there isn’t a good understanding of harassment. 2. Thinking Through Harassment in the (Paid) Workplace .a sexual harassment as a response to the “threat” posed by women in non-traditional fields .i anywhere betweek 40-90% of women are sexually harassed in the workplace .ii 20-40% of females have been sexually harassed in university environments. .iii Sexual harassment is often framed in a way that it is a response of men who feel threatened by women in the workplace. Women working in non- traditional fields they get sexually harassed at rated of about 75% and this is the case across the board in middle to upper class professions. .iv 74-80% of nurses say they were sexually harassed at work most often by doctors or patients .v nurses and flight attendants are often fetishized which attributed to why they are sexually harassed at work. .b sexual harassment in fields traditionally occupied by women .c racial harassment as a response to the “threat” posed by people of colour to white privilege .i Shab her friend and the story around that. .d effects of sexual and racial harassment at work .i People who are harassed are often transferred or demoted .ii People who report harassment tend to be construed as troublemakers (victim-blaming) i. psychological effects ii. physical effects iii. economic effects 3. Heterosexual Courtship Rituals in Canada, Or, Assumptions About the Sexual Availability of All Women a. norms developed during the late-nineteenth and early- twentieth centuries established a script familiar to most Canadians today b. men as initiators of all phases of intimate relationship development i. men are supposed to make the first move, channel conversations, determine the level of emotional commitment, formally make a marriage proposal ii. men are supposed to pursue women even after they say no iii. these ideas of hegemonic masculinity tends to encourage sexual harassment c. women as passive and await the attention of potential suitors i. women are supposed to be the pursuit not the pursuers 4. Sexual and Racial Harassment in Canadian Law a. Canadian Human Rights Act protects employees from harassment related to work; only covers federal government departments, agencies, Crown corporations and business and industries that fall under federal jurisdiction (e.g. banks, airlines, railways) b. all provinces/territories have some form of legislation that prohibits discrimination for everyone else i. we do not have laws that strictly deals with sexual and physical harassments if you have a union then you have some protection but majority of jobs in Canada are not unionized. 5. Criminal Harassment (Stalking) in the Workplace and Beyond a. criminal harassment (commonly referred to as stalking) involves a pa
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