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Food Dependency Lecture

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Social Science
SOSC 1430
Eduardo Canel

Food Dependence: - As markets for grain/food become more profitable, a lot of land in south, has been used for global crops = decrease for localmore use of land for export - result: countries in global south have become net importers of food; creating a vulnerability to outside pressures (i.e. food prices rising massively over few years) - increased power of corporations; more authority in global south Transgenic technology: - raises the question of the power of transnational corporations over others’ - they exercise control over the seeds basic foundations of the entire food system/chain - --> seeds: traditional trading good - now, corporations have power over this millennial old tradition - privatizing what used to be a public good - should seeds be a public good, or a commodity sold in the market for profit? - Corporations own nearly half of the market - There wasn’t a single company prior to 2007, that didn’t own 1% of the traditional farm/land goods - As the power of actors increases, there is parralel decrease in control by countries and the farmers producing the food = the loss off control is based on what kind of crops are produced , how those crops are produced (technology, intensively, price) - The situation has become so concerning, that UN food and control org, came up with the term food security - The access to safe/nutritious food to meet food preferences for an active and healthy life UN: the key que
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