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Globalization Lecture

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1430
Eduardo Canel

Globalization  Lecture 12 Who should be the main agents of development? Three options -State? -Market? >.> -Civil Society? -Releasing energies -Setting up societies to foster society -Its apparent that the world is becoming a much smaller place -Events in media and remote areas affects us all…. -Think of Japan and China’s stock crashes, how it affects our economy here -Less and less of the things we buy are made in Canada -Cellphones, internet, other communication devices -“Global Village” is becoming a reality…. -So Globalization has… Increased: -Global Interdependency…. -Flow of commodities and cultural products -Transnational communication and activities… -Spread of western-style consumerism -Regulation of transnational relations -Power of Transnational Corporations -Compression of time and space Led to the emergence of: -Global Institutions -Global Cities International and Multinational What does it mean? -Both refer to nations -Relations between nations -Corporations with operations in many countries International Economy -Trade between nations -Key unit = national economies -Key Players = National corporations and economies -Regulations = set up by nation-state Global -Refers to the transnational; something that goes beyond national economies… transcends the nation state…involves relations that go beyond national boundaries -May not be reduced to the idea of national interests Global Economy -Erorion of national borders and interests -(free) movement of goods, services and capital across borders -Increased power of TNCs + TNIs Readings  SHIFT -From international to global economies… Also a shift in power from national govts and states to TNIs and TNCs.. -Impact of globalization is quite uneven,, does not bring the same changes everywhere… Definition: The functional integration of globally dispersed economic activities into highly integrated world economic system under the hegemony of transnational capital. Global division of labor Features “Old global division of labor” Before it was underdeveloped get cheap food in trade for raw materials which they buy back… -Many countries are still stuck producing raw materials… -Under globalization much has changed…its now the “Global Division of Labor” 9:06 = 37:07 GDL: Feature one: Geographical expansion of manufacturing -Many countries are emerging as manufacturing economies…. -Shift in industrial manufacturing….going to the south -We’re becoming “deindustrialized” -Detroit goes to mexico…then china/India….
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