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lecture feb 27 -Heteronormativity and Intimate Partner Violence lecture outline.doc (sosc 1350)

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Social Science
SOSC 1880
Anna Pratt

HETERONORMATIVITY AND THE FAMILYHeterosexuality is not natural just commonTshirt slogan 19931The Social Construction of Normalcy and Devianceaheteronormativity relates to the social construction of normalcy and deviance think about our discussion of culture and multiculturebimportance of taking apart the centre white male west heterosexual as well as the periphery black brown east woman LGBTcthe study of heteronormativity is one way of taking apart the centre taking apart a concept that has been largely interrogated2What is Heteronormativityaa system of social relations in which heterosexuality is institutionally and ideologically privileged at the expense of queer sexualitiesinstitutionsthe law religion politics medicine prisons corporationsideologicalset of ideas that attempt to make sence of the worldmanifests itself as unconscious as though heretosexuality is the normalmanifests itself in discussions of familiesheteronormativity viewwomens work have less value than mens that the best family structure is a single income family with a stay at home mother that lesbiangay relationship have less value parenthood should be defined by biologyLaheybheterosexuality assumed to be normalcrelates to the older term compulsory heterosexuality Adrienne Rich 1980pointed out that heterosexual marriage was the only legal location for long term intimate partner relationshipsAlso talks about how heterosexual marriage was the only legal recognized institution
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