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Lecture # 6 theorizing sexuality Gender Racialization-2.doc

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Social Science
SOSC 1900
Nadiah Habib

Lecture6 Theorizing Sexuality Gender and RacializationThe Body BeautifulDifficult KnowledgeTutorial registrationWe have looked at the cultural construction of femininities and masculinities and how our social locations sexuality ability how we have been racialized class age etc weave through to shape and inform how masculinities and femininities are understood and experienced and to some degree how historical ideas continue to inform ideas and practices ideas do not die they come back to us in new waysToday we are looking at stereotypes what are theyHow do they work And what do they tell us We will be looking at how sex and sexuality are racialized through Stuart Halls work on stereotypesIn his work on regimes of representation Stuart Hall often refers to Richard Dyers work on stereotypesFor Dyer stereotypes are highly charged with feelings that are attached to themDyer argues that stereotypes accomplish a number of tasks and although when we advance that someone is stereotyping we often mean that someone is advancing a negative representation stereotypes are not only to be understood as performing negative functionsDyer says that stereotyping perform at least four functions1an ordering process2a short cut3referring to the world4expressing our values and our beliefswe need to askhow do stereotypes come about andwho defines themWhose interest do stereotypes servehow do stereotypes shape inform and limit peoples livesStuart Hall argues that stereotypes reduce people to a few simple essential characteristics which are represented as fixed by Naturethe notion of nature should be underlined because we will need to return to this idea later when we turn our attention Ann FaustoSterlings workNow according to Stuart Hall stereotypes have 4 functions1
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