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Social Science
SOSC 1900
Nadiah Habib

Lecture2 Narratives of ConceptionThere is nothing objective about objectivityEmily Martin argues that even in what is supposed to be objective scientific discourse about the processes of fertilization and reproduction the language that is used to describe these processes already relies on stereotypical notions of gender and sexuality This suggests that science is not a free floating discourse that is outside the dominant social ideas of the times in which it is produced but instead that science is a social discourse produced by people who are themselves produced by the prevailing ideas of the times they live inIt is equally interesting to note that these ideas change over time while still maintaining stereotypical ideas of gender and sexuality This suggests that these scientific ideas are not only descriptive describing the scientifically observed processes but that what is described is also prescriptive for this discourse also tells us how to think about these processes and as a result work together with a multitude of other discourses to reinforce and sediment dominant ideological notions of sex and gender ModernityThis progressive movement of society is associated with what has been described as modernity It is essentially a historical period in Western culture and has its origins in the thEnlightenment at the end of the 18 century The Enlightenment and the historical period that it brought in it can be argued is characterized by three major featuresIntellectually there was the power of reason over ignorance 1
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