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Lecture 10

sosc1910 - Lecture 10

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Social Science
SOSC 1910
Nadiah Habib

Lecture10 Why do ethnicity and regionalism sometimes contribute to Political Instability in the Third WorldLast lecture we looked at Structural Adjustment Programs and conditionalities of aid which were measures put in place to help developing countries address their debt crisisand meet their balance of payments to the lending institutions Weve seen how the austerity programs affected the social net This week we look at how SAPs and Conditionalities of Aid and austerity programs have helped to intensify ethnic differences and contribute to ethnic and religious wars within different stateswhile many SAP were tied to demands for internal political policy changes which included accountabilitytransparencythe rule of law stable political environmentencouraged a multiparty system none of these policy demands focused on the mass participation in a democratic processFollowing the oil shocks of the seventies came a period of liberal lending particularly by those nations who accumulated assets during the oil shocksThis period as we have discussed led to an increased debt load increased by the drop in commodity prices and a huge increase in interest rates and insurance fees by lending institutions and as a resultproduced a huge crises in the bala
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