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Christy Leung Health in Crisis Class 20 Mar. 14/11 Toxic Environments Top environmental hazards - Pollution, toxins in our air, water and soil - Air – smog and pollution from industries and cars, low level leakage from nuclear plants/generators; depletion of the ozone layer – air environment – exposing us to green house gases; making hole in ozone layer exposing hazardous UV rays - Products and waste put into our water system - Land – soil; we bury our garbage and we put dangerous biochemical waste (radioactive waste, medicine – hospitals); dangerous biochemical waste spreads out in the soil through rain; chemicals used in farming and resource; contaminates our soil; 50-70,000 dumped into our soil - Begins in industrialization and urbanization in late 1800’s - Tremendous increase after WWII – expansion of medical production and industrial production - Cancer has risen since the second world war - Bug repellents are used in the environment which harms our homes when we bring it back in - People start to put fertilizers into the garden and uses pesticides to get rid of weeds and bugs - Danger: chemicals were brought indoors and they persist more longer in the inside Indoor environments - Easily transferred in our food chain and the food that we consume - Greater use of process foods, plastic containers, wraps, etc. - All these plastics seeks various types of chemicals into the food and our consumption of our food - Chemical are everywhere - In Illinois, in 1950’s – less than 10% of the corn field were sprayed with pesticides, by 1993 – 99% were sprayed - Chemicals are used in our house hold cleaners - Pesticides were used a lot in the 1950s - Public transportations has exhaust dangerous pollution into the air - Air freshener pollutions – chemicals - Aerosol cans, deodorant, hairspray emits chemicals into our home - Sick building syndrome – air are not circulated properly; printers, computers, photocopiers emits chemicals - Harmful to health – beauty industry – hairdressing, colours/dyes – liver cancer, nail industry – nail polish chemicals Domestic environments - Increase of cancer in western industrial countries th - Global cancer occurs in western industrial nation – 1/5 of the world - Breast cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, brain cancers, prostate cancer – rising at alarming rates - Certain occupation has been linked to cancer – farming, trades (welder, painter), working in plastics manufacturing, exposed to radiation (hospital worker), dental field, chemotherapy nurses getting emissions from x-rays; c
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