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Christy Leung Health in Crisis Class 16 Feb. 7/11 Processed Foods – History - Canned, frozen, packaged foods, boxed cereals - Since the second world war, we have been purchasing processed foods - Canning ath meat process industry – impacted food consumption in urban centres - Late 19 century innovations - TV dinners 1905s/60s – first processed packaged food - Highly innovative - you heat the TV dinners in the oven – prepared meal that was quick and easy to serve - Boxed potatoes, stuffing, spaghetti etc. - Prepared foods - Supermarkets – fresh prepared food – reheat the foods in the oven nor microwave - Provide one stop shopping for the masses who would have it against the suburban areas - Took up the bulk of space – much more space than fruits, veggies and meats – aim towards housewives and mothers - Food marketing - Processed foods are different than the preserved food - Foods are produced in a factory to be packaged and consumed by others - Processed foods are becoming more common, most processed foods are canned goods – used a lot by families - Fast Food Industry - McDonalds, taco bell, A&W, etc - Have profound impact on the type of food we eat – social relations of food – how we eat - Eating at home and sitting do
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