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INTRO. introduction lecture to a hard course. intro is important to understand.

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 2350
Allyson Lunny

Major themes Rule of law RoFLThe place and function of law in societyDoes law lead social change or does law follow social changeSociolegal critiques and theories of the Rule of LawEx A critical investigation of the rofl might expose its shortsightedness its limitations its necessity its deficits andor its values What is Law and societyLaw is in the domain of the socialIt is not autonomours or selfcontainedIt is a human and thus social institution Law impacts the social and the social impacts the law Our program one of the longest established programs in north americaTruly interdisciplinaryOur progessors come from a variety of academic backgrounds Law is social made by human beings for human beingsIts about 30 years oldacademic backgroundsall over the board What is interdisciplinaryA field that is composed of a mirated of methedologies theories and research interests that over lapStudying law but coming at it at different
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