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Criminal Justice System - Lecture #8

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Social Science
SOSC 2652
Anna Pratt

CJS LECTUREGuest Speaker John Sewell former Mayor of Toronto thNovember 8 2012Introduction Only respond to 1 call on average per shift Police force works in shifts 28 hours4 more hours than there are in a day Toronto 2 officers in a car at night Critic it costs more50 more money However it is safer to have 1 man cars than 2 man cars 1 officer carssee a situation call for backup2 officers carsee situation get into it themselves Would save 150 million a year if changed to 1 man carsCrime rates are decreasing very low All except drug possessiongoing up Critics perhaps because they are largely targeted by policeeasy to arrestRacial Profiling by Police Toronto Starblack people are 24 of the people that polices stop However black people are only 8 of Canadas populationDiscrimination can be seen Police PresenceThe belief that if polices are present crimes decreaseDid a study3 neighbourhoods maintain normal responds
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