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Social Science
SOSC 3654
Amanda Glasbeek

SOSC3654 Crime Prevention as Risk Management Risk is a key conceptual paradigm in crime prevention The Risk Society Risk and crime Governing at a distance (risk logics and neoliberalism) Responsibilization Ulrich Beck (1986): Risk Society Try to analyze direction of modern society as a whole Distinguishing between 1st phase of industrial capitalism and contemporary modern period Shift from a society concerned with the distribution of goods to a society concerned with containment of bads Elevated the concept of risk to the point that the management of risk is the key feature of modern society Risk is produced by society and society is characterized by risk We can undertake risk management because of technology New tech and knowledge uncovers new risks into a cycle While danger can be avoided, risk is constant Goal becomes the management of risk Malcolm Feeley and Jonathan Simon: Actuarial Justice The population itself is the target of power (demographics) Power is aimed at prevention and the management of risk Works statistically rather than politically De-dramatizes social conflicts Drug harm reduction strategies More risk based approaches Language of addiction and abuse is sidelined "addict" and "abuser" becomes drug user The risks associated becomes the target, not the users Normalize behaviour, minimize harm/risk User as rational consumer Govern the user,not the drug Characteristics of the Risk Society Knowledge based Science produces our knowledge about risk and thats what allows us to avoid risks Police took on role of providing risk communication/info as a central task negative logic Concerned with minimizing of harm Characterized by the marketing of security Value system of unsafe society gains prominence Risk calculus Statistics are highly significant
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